Acne Anti-Inflammatory Therapy

We use Acne Anti-Inflammatory Therapy for best results

The Advanced Acne Institute is a pioneer in the use of a treatment concept that we term “Acne-Inflammatory Therapy,” or ” AAI Therapy,” an innovative treatment regimen that targets the inflammatory pathways of acne development. Our acne doctors avoid therapies that don’t target acne inflammation. By selectively using acne treatments that focus on decreasing inflammation, we are able to achieve rapid results without dryness and irritation, side effects typical of many conventional therapies.

How does Acne Anti-Inflammatory Therapy work?

Acne Anti-Inflammatory Therapy works by targeting the causes of inflammation in acne. For example, the acne practitioners at the Advanced Acne Institute use advanced prescriptions to block acne at the initial steps of formation. In this way, acne doesn’t have a chance to form, eliminating breakouts quickly. The types of treatments vary depending on the type and severity of acne. Treatments range from prescriptions that block acne-causing hormones to light-based treatments as well as Istoretinoin therapy for severe or resistant cases of acne. For acne after pregnancy, hormonal factors can play an important role. Conventional acne treatment is often not very effective for this acne type. Our acne specialists use medications to block the hormones involved to prevent breakouts.