Welcome to the Advanced Acne Institute, Miami’s leading dedicated acne treatment institute. Our board certified dermatologists specialize in treating all forms of acne including hard-to-treat acne that occurs after pregnancy. We understand how frustrating acne can be, especially acne after pregnancy. You’ve reached the culmination of your pregnancy only to be greeted by the frustration of persistent acne breakouts. You deserve better.

The Advanced Acne Institute specializes in healing acne. That’s our only only goal. We use advanced therapies to promote fast results for even the most difficult acne breakouts.

  • Ÿ Miami’s leader in the treatment of acne after pregnancy
  • Ÿ State-of-the-art acne treatments
  • Ÿ Advanced treatments for hormone related acne
  • Ÿ Treatment for hard-to-treat acne

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